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A Z-CARD with a card holder!

By 02/06/2017Solutions

Card holders can be the answer to a variety problems

SimplePay and RMIT University: Two different executions with the same goal.

The Z-CARD format can provide you with a holder for just about any type of card. We can offer this option on a variety of format, and size, options as either a cover pocket (RMIT University example) or slit (SimplePay sample).This can allow you to add additional interactively to your Z-CARD. From ‘all-in-one’ hotel key cards and guides, credit or loyalty card holders, to promotional material for your business (for staff to hand out with their personal business card) – we’ve seen them all. And they all work.

If your clients, students or staff have a card floating around, it’s the perfect addition to your Z-CARD.


If you’d like to see a sample, or to discuss the best solution for you – get in touch via our contact us page.